About Armored

Jake Brennan

Jake Brennan, Host

Jake Brennan is the creator and host of DISGRACELAND, an award-winning music and true crime podcast. In 2019, he co-founded Double Elvis Productions, a music-focused audio company that has released multiple chart-topping shows that Brennan helped produce and host. Brennan has partnered with audiochuck to host Armored and detail some of the most daring and deadly armored truck heists in history.

Delia D'Ambra

Delia D’Ambra, Executive Producer

Delia D’Ambra is an investigative journalist, host and executive producer for audiochuck. In early 2021, she conceptualized the Armored series while driving behind an armored vehicle in traffic. Delia is a former broadcast television news reporter who specializes in writing, cold-case homicide investigations, and interviews.



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